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Bible Notes

Tuesday 17th September 2013

Bible Reading: Mt. 5:3
3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Thought for Reflection: 
As many of you know, I love playing games, roleplaying games and boardgames especially (not the ones you know from your childhood, but fantastic games that most of our European neighbours enjoy but somehow we overlook). I am, however, amongst my gaming buddies renown for being the worst dice roller in the world. Absolutely lousy. Consequently I always lose.
Perhaps you feel a bit like that with your life with God? Guilty because you don’t read your Bible enough? Frustrated that you don’t take the opportunity when it comes to talk about Jesus? Fed up with being selfish rather than generous? I know I do. As a result I can feel like a bit of a loser when it comes to faith as well. But the great news is that with Jesus we are all winners – he rolls the dice for us. If we follow him, no matter how rich or poor our faith, ours is the Kingdom!

Thank you Jesus for picking me!

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