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Matthew 4:1 (04.02.19)

Matthew 4:1 NIVUK
Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.

There’s an interesting theological conundrum – the Spirit leading Jesus to be tempted by the devil! What’s God up to there? Does this mean temptation is good? Or God isn’t actually as pure as we make him out to be? I’d hesitate before responding with a yes to either of these questions which Scripture consistently elsewhere speaks against. I wonder, however, if God is using temptation not because he wants Jesus to succumb, but because he wants Jesus to learn to resist. By resisting, he is strengthening his resolve and defences so that when he starts his public ministry he has the strength to cope with the ridicule, the violence and the temptation that is flung at him and has the determination and the faith to remain faithful in his relationship with God regardless, a bit like muscles are only strengthened through being stressed.

Father, help me to exercise my faith, so that it may be made strong and I may stand firm for you.

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