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Virtual Church Get Together (24.03.20)

An experiment in keeping together-but-apart. Today I’m going to run a virtual get together between 12-12.30pm on Google Hangouts for anyone who wants to pop in and say hello and catch up on those that are there. The emphasis is on simply gathering, rather than it being a Bible study or prayer meeting.

This is the link to click on at the time: Hangout finished

This should work on a smartphone with a face-facing camera, a tablet, or a computer. You may be asked to install some software to make it work, if you have a chance click the link at any point this morning and it will probably tell you if you do. It’s been a long time since I first used it – you may need to create/log into a Google account to use it.

Once you click and the window opens, there will be a button saying ‘Join Hangout’ – click that!

If you have headphones, please use them to reduce echo sounds.



  1. Ben

    And we’re live!

  2. john-michael

    Yaaaaah! ( Does the Snoopy dance since I don’nt have a camera so no one can see me! ) . ; D

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