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This Week’s Virtual Service (05.04.20)

This is not the video - that's below!

Welcome to this week’s #VirtualChurch Palm Sunday service; ‘Welcome Jesus! Hosanna!’

This week Tim brings us family news, including a sing-a-long and plans for Good Friday, Wendy brings our reading from  Matthew 21:1-11, Ben reflects on Thursday’s applause, Noel and Jenny lead us in prayer, and David leads us in singing. Look out for some other appearances too!

Do interact in the comments at the bottom of this page (remember this is a public page).

After the service, we want to try something new, and invite you to join us for a virtual cuppa and chat at the back of the ‘virtual church’. Look out for instructions below the video or in the email circulated yesterday.

(CCLI Certificate of Licence and Services:

Topic: Virtual Church Post-Service Cuppa!
Time: Apr 5, 2020 11:00 AM London

To join the  Zoom Meeting click the below link. If you haven’t used Zoom before you may be asked to install a small extension to your browser, this is quick and legitimate. Just follow the instructions and we’ll see you there!

Meeting finished, thanks for joining us!


  1. Mike and Chrissie

    Excellent. We both feel rather guilty that we don’t always say Thank You to whoever led the service before we leave our Church.. but we say Thank You all very much. You’re all doing a great job.
    Very uplifting service today.

  2. Rozi

    Thank you for the lovely service. I only had to close my eyes to feel that I am in the same room with you all.
    The talk after was brilliant, seeing so many of you. Thank you very much everyone.
    God Bless and keep you safe.

  3. Lucy & Paul

    Yes Amen to Christie and Mike’s comment – THANKYOU

  4. Iris Butler

    Just watched your Sunday service Ben. Enjoyed the message. I also enjoyed David’s hymn at the end, it made me feel very peaceful and safe. Keep well all you Wormley friends xxx. Iris Butler xxxxx

  5. Helen Dellar

    We finally got round to listening, and thoroughly appreciated being able to join you – albeit not on Sunday. Thank you so much. Loved seeing our dear friends. It was also nice to see the video of the local area which accompanied the two songs. Excellent work! God is good. Much love to you all.

  6. mark capstick

    im glad im not alone god bless us all

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