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Easter Greetings from Churches Together

Normally Churches Together would mark and celebrate Easter in the centre of Hoddesdon with an open air service on Good Friday – we had plans to do this yesterday as normal. As we all know, the ‘lockdown’ has put an end to this, at least for this Easter. The following video has just been posted on the Churches Together website in response to this.

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  1. Mark capstick

    it was great to see the even though we cannot meet together in person that the churches and all of our family and friends and even the community around us have been amazing to worship and love the Lord Jesus in his Easter period even was being at home by myself behind a closed door away from all this illness and worry has been fantastic to have the church Ben and all of the other individuals that have made this Easter actually one of the most special that I’ve had in a long time hosanna in the highest welcome Lord Jesus thank you for the friends and the community that I have found I have never felt more lucky even in the most bleakest of times and amazing video left there in place of the Hoddesdon meeting which I hope to be a part of again as we all should be very soon happy Easter and thank you and God bless you all all

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