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2 Samuel 18:19-20 (01.05.20)

2 Samuel 18.19-20
[19] Now Ahimaaz son of Zadok said, “Let me run and take the news to the king that the LORD has delivered him from the hand of his enemies.”
[20] “You are not the one to take the news today,” Joab told him. “You may take the news another time, but you must not do so today, because the king’s son is dead.”

King David’s army had just defeated a major rebellion. That was good news. But his son Absalom was killed in the battle, and that news would bring David great sadness. Despite Absalom’s part in the rebellion, that would be bad news to David, as he loved his wayward son (a picture surely of God’s love for his wayward children). So it was a mixture of good news and bad news. Every day we hear a mixture of good news and bad news: good news about the dedication of those who work in hospitals and care homes, despite the danger to themselves, good news that some have recovered from this virus, good news that it is not increasing exponentially as was feared. But also bad news that so many have succumbed to this awful illness and some have lost their lives. Bad news too that many people’s livelihoods are jeopardised by the shutdown of many of our businesses.
The gospel is a mixture of bad news and good news. Bad news that we are sinners who deserve nothing but God’s wrath. But good news that God himself has provided a way for the judgment we deserve to be borne by another, the spotless Lamb.

Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy.

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  1. Mark capstick

    Today good news and bad news can come in a variety of different ways but as humanity faces its worst viral outbreak since things like the plague sauce you bola these things are bad news but what it is good news is that if you look history has shown us that the thing with Syria polio saas and many other viruses once didn’t have a cure now now a vaccine for all of them they were defeated there’s the good news so we must all try to see see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow I suppose and with God’s love and with us unconditionally and truly embracing our king the Lord Jesus in the midst of a storm we as human beings in God’s children if at the end of all this you can say the storm came and went but I didn’t move god bless the NHS and all care workers and carers across the world God bless all of you and thank you stay safe Ben miss you guy

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