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Revelation 19:7-9 (27.05.20)

Revelation 19.7-9
[7] Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory!
For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.
[8] Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear.’
(Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of God’s holy people.)
[9] Then the angel said to me, ‘Write this: Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!’ And he added, ‘These are the true words of God.’

In Ephesians 5 the apostle Paul used Christ’s love for his church as a picture of how marriage should be, though I sometimes wonder which is the picture and which is the reality! As the final scenes of Revelation approach, the church is ready to be united with her heavenly bridegroom. She is dressed in white, symbolising purity and righteousness. This fine white linen is at the same time given to her (verse 8a) and yet it is her own work (verse 8b) – grace and works are inextricably linked. And, as with all weddings, there is a feast to celebrate. But a wedding is not an end in itself; it is the beginning of a new life together. Can you imagine what we look forward to in that experience?

The bride eyes not her garments,
But her dear Bridegroom’s face;
I will not gaze at glory
But on my King of grace;
Not at the crown He giveth,
But on His pierced hand;
The Lamb is all the glory
Of Immanuel’s land.
Anne Ross Cousin

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