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Virtual Service 21 (09.08.20)

This isn't the video, that's below!

Welcome to today’s service! A special welcome to our friends from Rosedale Community Church who are joining us this week, and Paul and Lucy’s previous church, Fullbridge Church, Maldon! Please do join us for our cuppa and chat afterwards – see below the video for details.

Post Service Cuppa & Chat
Meeting ID: 874 4934 5242
Passcode: 294506

Lyrics and music covered through our CCLI Licence:

Sierra Leone ‘The Blessing’:

Roads that burned our boots by Jahzzar licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.


  1. Helen and Julian Dellar

    What a blessing it was to listen to the Virtual Service this week! Thank you so much. I found the Sierra Leone blessing both moving and beautiful. Superb photography and singing. Excellent message from you, Ben. So timely and relevant to us all, I am sure. I liked the illustration of the sweet and sour sweets, and the comparison with holding the bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other. A real challenge to grapple with the news and also to weigh things up from different sources. Life is rarely straightforward and it is all too easy to be judgemental or cynical. Thank you for your wisdom and insight. Thank you also David for your music which was excellent as always and fitted perfectly with this week’s theme. Loved seeing the pictures from the local area too which prompts prayer for the people of Wormley and Broxbourne. Heartfelt appreciation to you for enabling us to join you.

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