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Virtual Church 24 (30.08.20)

This isn't the video, that's below!

Welcome to this week’s service! This week we’re continuing a short series featuring some favourite Bible stories with a more all-age emphasis. Today’s tale is Peter’s escape from prison in Acts 12. As always, we’d love you to join us for our post-service cuppa and chat (if you’re watching this at our normal service time of 10.30am on a Sunday morning). Details under the video.

Peter’s Escapemaze for use during the service

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Post Service Cuppa & Chat:
Meeting ID: 871 2201 9773
Passcode: 627140

Slapstick Theatre: produced by Saddleback Kids and used with permission from Saddleback

Paul in Prison:

Locked door - Video by Matthias Groeneveld from Pixabay
Opening door - Video by tv84 from Pixabay

Other lyrics and music covered through our CCLI Licence:

Other video clips free from

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  1. Jenny Vallely

    I really enjoyed today’s service, it ran together well and made me realise that we all have things or situations in our lives when we may not know what to do but that God can rescue us from or help us with if we ask him.

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