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Psalm 23:1 (16.11.20)

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Psalm 23:1 NIV
The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

We all have needs: food, water, shelter, company and money to name but a few. Things that are basic essentials for life, and those things that whilst not essential make life worth living. If you follow the story of David in the Bible, you’ll quickly see that there were times when all of these were threatened or scarce. Life was not always easy, and yet he was able to write, ‘I lack nothing’. Like Paul in the New Testament, he discovered contentment in the security of knowing that God would meet his needs. God was his shepherd, protecting, guiding and caring for him. In the Old Testament, the imagery of being a shepherd was used to describe kings – a good king would protect, guide and care for his people.

God is our shepherd, the Good Shepherd. Bring your needs to him and allow him to care for and lead you.

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