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Virtual Service (24.01.21)

Who am I? What a simple yet searching question! Welcome to our Sunday service where we’re going to be exploring that question together and seeking to come up with an answer. Do join us for our post-service cuppa and chat – details below the video.

Here’s this week’s Story Keepers episode:

Post Service Cuppa & Chat
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Meeting ID: 825 4230 5482
Passcode: 111804

Video footage accompanying the Lord's Prayer by Jesus Mendoza, August de Richelieu, Martina Tomšič, Kelly Lacy, Darli Donizete, Marc Van den Broeck, George Morina, Bhargava Marripati, Nathan Cowley, RODNAE Productions, Ujwal Gupta, Tima Miroshnichenko, mostafa meraji, Pavel Danilyuk and lam loi from Pexels, and free stock video by

Lyrics and music covered through our CCLI Licence:

Other video clips & images free from and

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