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Virtual Service 50! (07.02.21)

Welcome to this week’s service as we think about the various voices we hear, their impact on us, and discerning the voice of God. Once a month rather than being pre-recorded, the service is ‘live-by-zoom’. Today’s service was one such service, and so this video may contain glitches and stutters and un-edited mistakes…

For those enjoying the Story Keepers videos, this week’s video is:

There are accompanying activities that Bethany from Rosedale has put together and kindly shared with us.

Lyrics and music covered through our CCLI Licence:

The animation based on the story of Samuel was streamed from YouTube:

Other video clips & images free from and


  1. Paul Gymer

    What a joy it was to see so many people gathered, albeit virtually, for the service on 7th Feb. The Lord is keeping us together as a fellowship of people who rejoice in his salvation and want to serve him. On one of the TV briefings recently, Prof Chris Whitty, when talking about the vaccine rollout, commented that 10 years ago it would not have been possible – scientists could not have taken a swab sample and isolated the virus DNA (from among the bacteria, other viruses and our own cells!), sequenced it and constructed vaccines, and it has happened at unprecedented speed. Likewise, 10 years ago there was no Zoom to enable churches to continue their fellowship and ministry, and the internet would not have been fast enough to cope. God is gracious!

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