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We’re Coming Home! – Sunday Service (27.06.21)

After 70 virtual services, I’m thrilled to be able to finally say… this week’s service is at the Community Centre at 10.30am!
(If you can’t make it, I hope to try and provide a livestream on the church’s YouTube channel, a link will be posted on our website shortly before the service starts. Please bear with us if the tech fails though…)

If you’re joining us at the Community Centre, please read the following details so you are aware of the guidelines we are operating under and so that we can ensure we’re all safe.

  • Please do not come if:
    • You’ve been told to self-isolate,
    • Had a positive Covid-19 test, or
    • Are displaying any of the following symptoms: a temperature, a persistent cough, or a loss of taste or smell
  • On arrival, please do not congregate inside the hallway. Instead wait outside until the hall is clear to come in and sign in safely.
  • As you come into the hall you will be asked to hand sanitise, wear a mask if you aren’t already, and enter your details in a register of attendees for test and trace purposes. The NHS Covid app QR code will be available for you to scan as well if you have the app.
  • As you enter the main hall, please collect the number of chairs you and your household need and place them where you wish to sit. This will need to be 2m from other households. Please then sit down and remain seated until the end of the service. We have been given permission to have up to 45 people in the hall on the understanding that folk remain in their household groups like this.
  • Unfortunately, under the current guidelines, congregational singing is not allowed.
  • After the service, please continue to be aware of the need for social distancing. If the weather is nice, we’re encouraging folk to go out onto the patio area in order to chat and catch up. Please do continue to be aware of the need to socially distance, and be aware that others may not be feeling as comfortable being with groups of people as you are.

One other factor to be aware of, this week, a long awaited wedding reception is taking place after our service, and we’ve agreed to be out of the hall by 12.30pm so that they can set up.

Although we do need to remain careful and observe the guidelines, these aren’t our focus, that is worshipping God, enjoying his presence and being in the company of his people! So come prepared to do things a little differently, come aware of the need to be mindful of others, but most of all, come excited about meeting him!

I have a special request. Can you bring the following with you:

  • Paper & pens (thick felt tips ideal so we can see at a distance what you write or draw)
  • If you’ve got one, a smartphone with data so that you can access the internet during the service
  • A household object you can make a noise with (something to hit, shake, rattle… but not blow) – I recommend a the classic cheese grater & whisk combo!

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  1. Mark capstick

    After 70 weeks of a virtual service thank you to wormley free church in Ben and anyone that has made all of those things possible including all the prayers all the Bible readings and so forth but and very much mindful that although we need to keep our distance from each other we are very much together in the lord Jesus and I’m looking forward after such a long time I’m to share his word with our congregation can’t wait to see you all again and despite the restrictions which are sensible and fair and fully committed to worshipping the lord Jesus in anyway that I possibly can thank you lord for keeping us together in the dark times may there be by much much light shining into the darkness as our lord stood by us this is my opinion my faith and my love through the lord to our families may God bless you all and see you on Sunday morning for a first service since the pandemic many thanks

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