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Toddlers Restarts On Wednesday! (UPDATED)


We’re back after our summer break!

After our experiment with meeting on Wednesdays, we’ve decided to stick to them and so our first session this year will be on Wednesday 8th September. This post will be updated tomorrow with more details about the coming term and what we’re doing differently from last term, but in the meantime, as things stand, we can confirm that we won’t be asking people to pre-book.

Looking forward to seeing friends old and new on Wednesday at 9.30am!

The Toddlers Team

UPDATE: Regarding Covid we have decided to change now to the following measures:

  • Pre-booking is no longer required, but if the group gets too busy, as before the pandemic we will cap numbers and introduce a waiting list
  • We will ensure the church is well ventilated, with doors open but ‘guarded’
  • Mask wearing is optional, but we encourage adults to do so if able
  • We are re-introducing refreshments, but will start them a little earlier than before (~10am) and suggest that folks don’t all come at once to prevent everyone massing at one side of the room
  • For the time being we won’t have song time, but may introduce this later in the term if this is felt appropriate, however, we are bringing back ‘tidy-up time’ to help the children develop that sense of responsibility for their toys



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    Hi, Can you confirm what age this is for please


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