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Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Service & Live-Streams Update

We still plan to hold our Christmas Eve Communion Service (11.30pm, Wormley Free Church, Slipe Lane) and Christmas Day All-Age Celebration (10.30am, Wormley Community Centre, Fairfield Drive).

To make them as safe as possible we will asking people to wear masks throughout, other than those speaking at the front, and will make sure the rooms are well ventilated (you may wish to bring a warm coat to keep comfortable).

If you are unable to attend or are concerned about attending, you can watch our live-stream of the services. Please be aware that the internet connection at the church is not so strong as our regular connection, and so we cannot guarantee the stream stability. On Christmas morning we will be using to enable you to interact with us from home – if you have a second internet capable device, such as a smartphone, you may wish to have this to hand.

Merry Christmas!

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