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Bible Notes

Romans 15:7 (06.02.22)

Romans 15:7 (MSG)
7 So reach out and welcome one another to God’s glory. Jesus did it; now you do it!

The NIV has ‘accept’, but The Message, as here, and other translations have ‘welcome’ – the words are related. To show welcome to someone is to value someone, to show they are important to you, noticed by you, accepted. Showing hospitality can be risky as Jesus frequently found, especially if you show hospitality to those who some might consider as unacceptable. The Gospel is counter-cultural in this respect. In an era of cancel culture, Jesus walks to a different drum. Despite humanity’s common brokenness, our failings, prejudices and destructive tendencies, Jesus reaches out to us and says we’re welcome.

Thank you that you welcomed me, help me to welcome others.

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