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Numbers 7:13-17 (22.07.22)

Numbers 7.13-17
His offering was … two oxen, five rams, five male goats and five male lambs a year old, to be sacrificed as a fellowship offering.

When the fellowship offering was brought, the animal’s fat, kidneys and tail were burnt on the altar, with the blood. Unlike the burnt offering and sin offering however, the meat was to be eaten by the offerer. He was symbolically sharing in God’s provision of salvation – that’s why he had to lay his hand on the head of the animal and slaughter it himself. The regulations for the fellowship offering in Leviticus 7 come after the regulations for the other offerings. Once sin has been dealt with by those sacrifices, then, and only then, can we come into a relationship (“fellowship”) with God. Indeed the fellowship offering was actually burnt on top of the burnt offering. It is sometimes called the ‘peace offering’ – it was not so much to make peace but to celebrate being at peace with God. And of course now that we are in a relationship with God, we are also in a relationship with one another.

Lamb of God, through Thee we enter inside the veil;
Cleansed by Thee, we boldly venture inside the veil;
Not a stain – n new creation; ours is such a full salvation!
Low we bow in adoration inside the veil.

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