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Bible Notes

Psalm 119:35 (14.09.23)

Psalm 119:35 (NIVUK)
35 Direct me in the path of your commands,
    for there I find delight.

As a boy I progressed through Cubs and Scouts and finally ended up as a Scout leader. I thoroughly enjoyed the sense of community and belonging, and the outdoors lifestyle that came with it. Camping remains a love of mine, and I enjoy nothing more than putting up camp, cooking camp food, and simply living that back-to-basics life in the fresh air. One of the skills that came with this was map-reading, plotting and following a course on foot. I’m generally quite good at it, although there have been one or two notable exceptions…The combination of the Bible and the Spirit can be a bit like a map to life, guiding us in the direction God wants us to take. Sometimes it’s straightforward, other times we have choices we can take, and decisions that need weighing up, but regardless of these, it is certainly a very helpful tool, and it pays off to take time honing our skill at reading it.

Father, thank you for your guidance. Help us fine tune our skill at understanding it, and grow our willingness to follow it.

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