Serving Jesus in Our Community


As a church we seek to be welcoming to all.

On Sunday’s we meet at Wormley Community Centre, Fairfield Drive. This is all on one level and has plenty of space for wheelchairs, including within the toilets.

Our activities during the rest of the week take place in Wormley Free Church, Slipe Lane. Whilst most of the church in Slipe Lane is easily accessible, there are currently a few aspects to be aware of (in our current redevelopment project we are looking to include a proper ramp into the building and disabled toilet). The main entrance is from Slipe Lane. There is a ramp up to it, but it is steeper than is ideal as can be seen here:


On entering the entrance porch, there is a right turn through an internal door. There is a slight lip on the floor:


The other exit from the building has a lip and a drop from it.

Currently our toilets aren’t sufficiently wide enough for a wheelchair, although they do have handles on the wall by the toilets for those that are able to access them but might find this useful.

If you have any concerns or questions about accessibility, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.