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Bible Notes

Tuesday 1st October

Bible Reading: Mt. 5:8
8 Blessed are the pure in heart,
    for they will see God.

Thought for Reflection:
Like so many I love taking photos. Photography hasn’t, however, yet become one of my Mr Toad-like fads. When it eventually does, there will be so many gadgets to buy and tricks to try out! Perhaps that’s why I’m resisting it. One such trick is using different coloured filters over the lens, or applying them on the computer on digital photos. Using this method you can change what is seen in the photo and alter its mood. A normal landscape can be converted to something sombre or eerie, or to a sunny blue skied paradise through careful filter selection.
Jesus says that the lens through which we see God is our heart. Keep a pure heart and we will see God clearly. How exciting is that! This good news comes with a flip side –if we place filters over our heart, if we let other stuff get in that shouldn’t be there – then our vision of God will be diluted, changed, less clear.

Lord, purify my heart so that I can see you clearly!

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