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Bible Notes

Thursday 10th October 2013

Reading: 1 Kings 17:22-24
[22] The Lord heard Elijah’s cry, and the boy’s life returned to him, and he lived. [23] Elijah picked up the child and carried him down from the room into the house. He gave him to his mother and said, “Look, your son is alive!” [24] Then the woman said to Elijah, “Now I know that you are a man of God and that the word of the Lord from your mouth is the truth.”

Thought for Reflection: The widows son died – but Elijah, and God, were there! We may not understand the way things happen but be sure that in the midst of tragedy and tough times God is there and he cares about us. He knows us and he wants us to know him in every circumstance.

Prayer: Lord when things grow dark help me to look to your light and to see that you are with me today.

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