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Wormley Worship – Sunday Service 22.03.20

Welcome to our first Virtual Church service!

We hope to stream our services on the website every Sunday at 10.30am during the coronavirus outbreak. These and other resources can be found on the Virtual Church page. This is our first attempt, a bit of an experiment with most glitches left in other than a retake of David’s song (I seem to be imprisoned in a circle and Tim left staring at the screen when I speak!) Bear with us as we get the hang of it over the coming weeks…

If you want to sing along, the lyrics are below the video, and do please leave your responses or comments below – but don’t forget these are public! (Comments are moderated and so won’t show up straight away.)

(CCLI Certificate of Licence and Services:

If you want to donate financially to the Foodbank, their website is here:


Over the mountains and the sea
Your river runs with love for me
And I will open up my heart
And let the Healer set me free
I’m happy to be in the truth
And I will daily lift my hands
For I will always sing of
When Your love came down

I could sing of Your love forever
I could sing of Your love forever
I could sing of Your love forever
I could sing of Your love forever

Oh, I feel like dancing
It’s foolishness, I know
But when the world has seen the light
They will dance with joy like we’re dancing now


  1. Ben

    Welcome everybody! Good to have you here with us. Do share thoughts and responses here in the comments.

  2. Ben

    Forgot to add the link to the Foodbank for donations. It’s:

    I’ll add it to the main post later.

  3. Paul and Wendy

    Thank you for the service. Thought that really worked well. Paul and Wendy

  4. Eunice

    Thanks team great start to our virtual church!

  5. Tim

    Thanks Ben – good start!
    And a Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mothers!!!
    We thank God for each one of us.

  6. Chrissie Kennedy

    Fabulous Service, Thank you for putting this together for us all. We miss everybody.

    • Comment by post author

      Hi Chrissie, missing you all too. Perhaps you could join us for a virtual gathering sometime if you have a smartphone / tablet / laptop or computer with a webcam? Will try and get different people together at different times.

  7. Mandy newman

    Well done all of you

  8. Edith Rowe

    A splendid first attempt, well done guys.

    • Noel and Jenny

      Thank you for the service and to all of you for putting it together. It felt like church and good to know we were all praising God and worshipping together.

      • Comment by post author

        Glad it felt like church. Took the decision to try and involve a few people ‘in conversation’ to give it the feeling of being gathered. Obviously a few glitches in that – I think I know how to escape the bubble and release Tim from being on screen when I’m speaking next time! Hopefully we can also have different faces each week as well.

    • Comment by post author

      Thanks Edith – must get you praying next time!

  9. Jonathan ASAFFO

    That was Excellent. God Richly Bless you all for feeding us with the word, song , family news and prayers.
    The text from the book of Philippians was perfect.,ie Paul’s example when he was in prison. Surely we will press on without fear because God will NEVER forsake us.
    A fulfilling week unto us all.

  10. Chiliro Mughogho

    It was so wonderful to hear the encouraging word of the Lord

  11. mark

    Great 1st service. Thank You all, GOD BLESS Stay well we will meet again soon. 2 chairs facing we sit in 1 the devil in the other – we’re going to worship God and the devils gonna watch!

  12. Jennifer Dobson

    Although we apart, we are one in Christ. It’s wonderful to be given Good News for a change. God is with us.

  13. Paul Gymer

    Thank-you all for the special effort made today. We may have to get used to doing it this way.

    Frail children of dust,
    And feeble as frail,
    In Thee do we trust,
    Nor find Thee to fail;
    Thy mercies how tender,
    How firm to the end,
    Our Maker, Defender,
    Redeemer, and Friend!

  14. Charlie Bushell

    Such a warm loving spirit coming through your broadcast. Well done all!
    God bless your ministry
    Charlie & Ros

  15. Cindy

    That was a very encouraging service – and I am so glad to have the opportunity to catch up on services like this as it is difficult with a toddler around but not so difficult when he is in bed ! Such a fantastic way to keep the fellowship in spite of everything going on !

  16. Helen Dellar

    Well done all of you! It was great to be able to watch and listen to this. Thank you for making it possible to join in with you.

  17. Keith Smith

    Thank you I was blessed by your service. Hopefully we will iron out some of the technical feedback echo & who is on broadcast centre screen management gremlins on the next occasion but we have started and can do.

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