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This Week’s Virtual Service (29.03.20)

This is not the video, thats below!

Welcome to today’s Sunday Service.

We’re continuing to learn how to do this and trying out new things – by the time the ‘lockdown’ is over, we’ll know what we’re doing! Thanks to all who have helped this week.

This morning David leads us in singing The Stand (with the help of some friends), Tim brings us family news from Wormley and Sierra Leone, Win reads from Genesis 11:1-9 & Colossians 1:15-20, and Edith leads us in prayer.ย 

As last week, do interact with comments below – don’t forget they are public – and pass this around. Keep in touch and look out for more opportunities to ‘gather’ in the week ahead, and instructions for Palm Sunday.

(CCLI Certificate of Licence and Services:


  1. Comment by post author

    Sorry about the delay in posting. All good to go now.

    • Jonathan Dzifa and Family

      Thank you God Richly Bless you all for today’s Service.
      Happy Sunday and a fulfilling Blessed week unto us all.

  2. Comment by post author

    First selfies received from Dartmouth!!!

  3. Wendy and Paul

    Great service again and lovely to see you all. Stay safe. God bless x

  4. Mike and Chrissie

    Am wonderful service of love and connection and unity.
    Thank you so very much for all your time and effort for us all.

  5. Edith

    Another successful attempt, can you add another song in the service?
    ( nice voice Davidโ€”more of it)

  6. A great service. It was lovely to see different people. Can we have two hymns/ songs next time (or more!). Anyone got any spare carrier pigeons they could send me? Thank you everyone.

    • Comment by post author

      Looks like there is public demand for more songs! It will be so.
      I’ve not got any carrier pigeons I’m afraid. I have snails. They come back home too… My Nan used to try and get rid of them from our garden by throwing them over the neighbours fence, but they were always back in her pots the next day!

  7. Jonathan Dzifa and Family

    Thank you God Richly Bless you all for today’s Service.
    Happy Sunday and a fulfilling Blessed week unto us all.

  8. Tim

    Anyone on coffee this morning?
    no more putting chairs away – there are some benefits!!

  9. Helen and Julian Dellar

    Well done everyone and thank you. It was so good to be able to join in with you this morning. Love to you all and we look forward to joining you again next week.

  10. Tim

    Thanks for the talk and holding us all together – it felt like we worshipped together which is really nice!

  11. Tony

    Really enjoyed watching this, thanks to everyone involved in putting this together for us, was nice to see some of you again. God bless you and everyone from WFC.

  12. Catherine and Keith Church

    Lovely to see and hear you all, if only on screen, the benefit is that we have had a service from our church in Bishops Stortford and from WFC, sending love and best wishes, Keith and Catherine Church X

  13. mark capstick

    hi al i would to thank everyone that put this wounderfull service together, and pray for all of humanity that are sick and bless us all in these very serious times. i know that even with all the fear that is out there we will servive these perilous times. and beat this virous.

  14. Tim

    Isaiah 49:13 NIV
    [13] Shout for joy, you heavens; rejoice, you earth; burst into song, you mountains! For the Lord comforts his people and will have compassion on his afflicted ones.

  15. David Palmer

    Thanks for the opportunity of sharing worship with you from the south of London.
    It was great to see old and much loved friends (and family) joining together in adversity.
    ‘Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses.’
    Ecclesiastes 3.1
    For those of us who survive this, there will be a time for tears, both of loss and the joy of seeing each other again, face to face, in God’s time.
    Our love to you all, David & Judith

    • Comment by post author

      Thanks for joining us and for the thoughtful reflections. God is still with us, joining in our suffering as we will see on Good Friday, and working to bring healing as we will celebrate on Easter Day!

      One wonderful side effect of this has been a the way through these services we have connected with a number of folk from our wider church family. I will certainly be thinking about it there’s something here we can take forward.

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