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Wedding of Keith and Gina, Saturday 18th July 2020

On Saturday 18th July we celebrated the wedding of Keith and Gina. Sadly, due to the current restrictions due to Covid-19, only invited guests could attend the service at the church. So that everyone can celebrate with them, we recorded the service and have their permission to share it here.



  1. Keith Smith

    Thank you Ben for whatever can be achieved.

  2. Keith Smith

    Thank you both it is a real joy to have you both visiting (and Linda in the South-West) Wormley again albeit thanks to our virtual Coronavirus Services. You are all loved and missed.

  3. Keith Smith

    We are very indebted to David & Ljiljana, Tim & Alison and Mandy M for all their assistance this afternoon and evening in getting the church looking so lovely for the wedding tomorrow thank you.


    Congratulations to you both Keith

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