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Bible Notes

1 Corinthians 15:4 (28.10.20)

1 Corinthians 15.4
[4] … that he was buried

Christians often jump from the cross to the resurrection, and we don’t notice that Jesus’ burial is an essential part of the gospel. Firstly, it was prophesied in Isaiah 53.9. Secondly it is evidence that he really died – Joseph and Nicodemus who buried him would not have made a mistake about that, nor would the Roman soldiers who released the body. If the resurrection had happened immediately, instead of on the third day, then Jesus’ death would have been doubted. And thirdly, we might ask ourselves what was going on between Jesus’ burial and his resurrection: the secrets of what the Father or the Son went through during this time are not revealed to us. As he died on the Friday afternoon, Jesus committed himself to his Father’s hands (Luke 23.46 and 1 Peter 2.23), and would now have to wait till Sunday morning for the outcome. He experienced death, not just the awful experience of dying, but of being dead – I think Hebrews 2.9 is a deliberate understatement: “He tasted death for everyone”.

We praise you Jesus because through being willing to experience every aspect of human existence, even death and burial, you are able to redeem it all.

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