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Bible Notes

Leviticus 19:16-18 (26.09.23)

Leviticus 19:16-18 (NIVUK)
16 ‘“Do not go about spreading slander among your people.
‘“Do not do anything that endangers your neighbour’s life. I am the Lord.
17 ‘“Do not hate a fellow Israelite in your heart. Rebuke your neighbour frankly so that you will not share in their guilt.
18 ‘“Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbour as yourself. I am the Lord.

This is where the expert of the law gets the second part of his answer for Jesus regarding what he has to do to ‘inherit eternal life’ or to be part of God’s people in his restored kingdom. As you can see, these aren’t regulations about loving all people, including your enemies, but instructions to prevent God’s people from self-destructing. They are good for us to hear too – gossip and slander can quickly infect a church community, as can a grudge that is allowed to fester.

Father, help me to avoid destructive behaviour. More than that, help me by the way I live to build up your church.

Original photo by Gleren Meneghin on Unsplash

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