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Matthew 13:26 (04.10.23)

Matthew 13:26 (NIVUK)
26 When the wheat sprouted and formed ears, then the weeds also appeared.

Presumably, they only become aware of the weeds at the time the wheat forms ears, because up until then the two look the same. This is consistent with Jesus’ instruction elsewhere to judge things by their fruit, not their titles or backgrounds or appearance. Although this story appears to push a polarised message, in life, things are either one or the other, wheat or weed, this suggests nuance which is not immediately obvious. Some things may be obviously good from the start, others obviously bad, but often life deals with the greys, situations, choices, and things that are not obviously either. Their nature becomes clear only as things play out, and maybe not even then. The problem is, by that point our lives can be so entwined in them that it is hard to extricate ourselves if we’ve become involved with weeds unawares.

Father, we depend on you to navigate this life, it is too complex for us! Give us discerning eyes and wisdom, that we might make good choices, and show us mercy when we get it wrong.

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