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Virtual Service 33 (01.11.20) – The Big Local, Four Word Challenge and Improvising with the Spirit

This is not the video, that's below!

Welcome to this week’s service!

Saddened to hear that Woolworths isn’t making a High Street comeback after all, we decided to offer you a pick and mix this week. So what’s in our sweetie goody bag? We’ve got an interview with Michal from our friends over at Wormley & Turnford Big Local, we’ve got your Four Word Challenge, worship led by the Wormley Lockdown Band and Ben’s going to be reflecting on Improvising with the Spirit. So what are you waiting for, dive right in for a service full of variety and flavour. Jellybaby anyone?…

If you want to see the full interview with Michal, look out for a new post early in the coming week. Meanwhile do take part in their consultation and sign up for their AGM.

The news item Ben referred can be seen on Paul Harvey’s son’s YouTube Channel :

Post Service Cuppa & Chat
Join us for a chat after the service if you watch this ‘live’ at 10.30am on Sunday morning:
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Passcode: 328291

God I Look To You:
Written by Jenn Johnson, Ian McIntosh
Video by Dieter_G from Pixabay
Video by Dieter_G from Pixabay

Other lyrics and music covered through our CCLI Licence:

Other video clips & images free from


  1. Helen

    Thanks Ben. Great service again. I loved the Paul Harvey news clip. Thanks for sharing it. Thanks also for the idea about God providing the scales, (or building blocks) and giving us the opportunity to go out and improvise and produce something beautiful with our lives. It is all about co-creation. Thanks again!

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